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How can you avoid feeling awkward when family members start asking career advancement questions when you really haven’t advanced that much? What’s the best way to set boundaries on what you want to share about your career? How can you feel more confident and in control about what you want to share with family members? Our #relationship#mentors share their expert advice on how to process family career questions and respond confidently.

Mentor Panelists:

Natalie Baird-King, Esq.

Author, “Forgiving Unforgivable”

Founder, Natalie Baird Mediations

Founder, Forgiving Unforgivable

Suezette Yasmin Robotham, M.S.

Talent Acquisition

Tech Executive

Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist & Anxiety Expert

Author, Nervous Energy Book

USA Today Bestselling Author

Founder & Head of Practice, Dr. Chloe


Amy Summers

Founder & Director, INICIVOX®

Founder & President, Pitch Publicity®

At INICIVOX® our goal is to equalize mentorship through virtual means, simplifying the process of connecting with mentors. We remove barriers and create more access, delivering mentorship to accelerate your career development, regardless of your current stage. Our mentorship format is a win-win, providing mentees valuable insights for immediate career growth and enabling mentors to reach a broader audience, unlike the less accessible one-on-one “let’s grab coffee” approach of the past.

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