How and Why to Forgive with Natalie Baird-King

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains the topic of domestic abuse.

DISCLAIMER: You should always consult a licensed physician or therapist if you are struggling with mental health issues. This is not medical advice and is based solely on mine and Natalie’s personal experiences.

We all know the power of forgiveness, but most of us don’t know how to forgive someone, especially ourselves. In a heartfelt interview with Author and Speaker Natalie Baird-King, we discuss her incredible journey to forgiving her abusive father after his unexpected death in 2012, as well as her new book on forgiveness.

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Forgiving Unforgivable: The Four Essential Secrets to Overcome Trauma, Stand Empowered, and Step Into Purpose

Natalie’s TedX Bradenton talk is not yet available. I will post as soon as it is released!


1:30 Natalie’s history with domestic violence

3:00 Natalie’s struggles with the effects of domestic violence

6:00 How and why to put it all out there and be vulnerable with others

9:15 4 Steps to finding Forgiveness- HOPE

10:35 Step 1: Hark back, recall the memory of the past as an observer

12:15 How our bodies and minds suppress fear and pain from the past

14:00 Different techniques to bring forth suppressed memories from the past so we can process and release them

16:55 How to center yourself around the memory through meditation

18:25 DMT’s role in bringing forth suppressed memories

21:00 Natalie’s first experience with domestic violence and her dark closet

23:00 Everybody has a dark closet and a traumatic event

25:30 Climbing up our mountains and releasing past versions of ourselves

27:00 Our goal on this Earth before we pass is to find love for ourselves, because when we find love, we can share that, and then other people can find their own love and they can forgive and find freedom.

27:40 Step 2: Open our hearts and feel the emotion associated with the traumatic event.

28:40 Unless you can understand what those emotions are, you can’t release them.

29:30 Step 3: Proclaiming forgiveness isn’t for anybody except you.

33:45 Step 4: Experience the freedom and release the emotions of the past.

35:00 Physical benefits of forgiveness

40:00 Research behind the physical benefits of meditation

44:30 Research supporting alternatives to traditional forms of mental health treatment

47:45 Natalie’s experience during her Ayahuasca ceremony at Rythmia Life Advancement Center

56:00 Conclusion

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