Healing Through Forgiveness with Natalie Baird-King

Natalie is the author of Forgiving Unforgivable and also has worked in family law for quite some time and I. This episode, you’re going to find out why trying to help families heal and teaching how to figure is such a passionate area to her after her experiences and trauma. While we talk about her experience with abuse, she reveals so much about the levels to forgiveness that we don’t typically think about and find it to be a difficult door to step into because it’s never as simple as “I forgive them.” Natalie talks about a catalyst in her healing journey that allowed the dominoes of healing to fall and hopefully if there is something you’ve been struggling to work through, reflect on, or gift forgiveness for your on peace, this episode will enlighten you to the steps that have helped Natalie and others to begin that process so they can begin their lives again and create a life worth living.

1002B S. Church Avenue PO Box 18391 nbk@forgivingunforgivable.com


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