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Story of the Dragonfly

I have never thought much about dragonflies. Until the day I met one. I was struggling with publishing my book and other projects that I had set to achieve. As I was sharing some of my struggles with a confidant, a dragonfly flew over my shoulder and landed directly in front of me on a tabletop where I was sitting. It turned its body as looked me straight on. Then, I pet its tail for over 20 minutes and then it flew away. I am not very fond of insects, so this was an amazing experience for me to be able to touch and feel connected to one.

As me and my confidant watched this happen, she said “you should look up dragonfly medicine”. And so I did. And what I discovered was the following meanings of the dragonfly:

  • Releasing the illusions of the past which prevent growth and maturity
  • Change and Transition – looking at our beliefs, habits, and ancestral patterns of behavior which need shifting
  • Change in perspective both mentally and emotionally to understand a deeper meaning of life

After this revelation, I knew that the dragonfly was more than just an insect. It was a sign from the Universe to help me see the shifts I needed to make in my thought processes to achieve those dreams and goals that I set for my life. And what happened after this shift? I published my book just a few months later and also landed my Ted Talk.

And that’s the connection between Forgiving Unforgivable, LLC and dragonflies. A reminder that a small shift can help us find and live our purpose!

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