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Integration Coaching

Natalie can help you learn transformational forgiveness

Natalie is often asked how one can forgive someone for something that was unforgivable. Whether it is an unfaithful spouse, an abusive spouse or parent, or a family member or friend who has hurt us deeply. Her answer is frankly very simple. Forgiveness is not for the wrongdoer or the person or perpetrated the pain—it is for us. It is for our freedom and our ability to live a happy life.

Natalie’s personal story is riddled with surviving past abuse from my father and past partnerships and marriages. She was trapped in her own victim way of living for a long time. Natalie eventually came to forgive her father who passed on from this life. After she discovered how to forgive her father, it was an automatic sequence of forgiving all those who hurt her in the past. As a forgiveness integration coach, Natalie is able to walk clients through and retrace the steps to find forgiveness for all those who have caused you pain in the past. This type of integration coaching helps you understand why you think the way you think, act the way you act, and gives you the tools to make the changes which are important for you to achieve your dreams.

Self-forgiveness helped her transform her life to live her purpose and stand empowered. By far this was the hardest step to heal. Natalie’s own personal journey has given her the unique ability to guide others who are searching for the same transformation to forgive yourself. She is honored and humbled to be invited to begin your transformational journey to live the happiest, prosperous, and abundant life.

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