Can A Concert Be A Catalyst for Forgiveness and Emotional Healing?

Have you ever been ambushed by the feeling of forgiveness at a show? It’s crazy, and honestly, a total revelation to realize the close connection between live music and experiencing forgiveness in our lives and during our most memorable live music experiences. We never thought that the act of forgiveness played such a major role in our concert experiences or that live music could actually be a catalyst creating moments to give and receive forgiveness. But it does. On this episode of Live Fix Podcast we dive into the close relationship between live music and forgiveness. Join us as we explore the powerful and transformative connection of using live music to give and receive forgiveness with special guest and forgiveness expert Natalie Baird-King.

Highlights, notes and links from the show:

How to navigate serendipitous forgiveness moments

How to create intentional moments to help you experience forgiveness at your next show.

Natalie takes us through the role live music plays in her personal journey of forgiveness and overcoming abuse

She shares concert experiences including U2, Journey, Taylor Swift, King & Country, Luke Combs, Michael Jackson and more.

Natalie’s book Forgiving Unforgivable

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