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Listen to Natalie Baird-King, Esq. read a sampling of her new book, Forgiving Unforgivable.

Natalie Baird-King, Esq.

Speaker | Attorney | Author

Natalie is a survivor of childhood abuse and domestic violence. As a result of the abuse she survived in her life, she became a lawyer, author and speaker to educate many on the effects of abuse.

I'm glad I read this! I recommend this to anyone who wants to forgive the unforgivable I

Sandra M.

Natalie’s book on forgiveness draws from her own personal experiences. She offers readers profound insights into the power of forgiveness. Her insights make it abundantly clear that forgiveness is a necessity for living a fulfilling life. She avoids jargon and instead offers practical advice and actionable steps that anyone can follow. This approach makes her book an invaluable resource for those seeking to embark on their own journey towards forgiving. I highly recommend this book to anyone. N


Heart wrenching but necessary narrative A

Amy S.

Natalie does a wonderful job expressing the merits of forgiveness. The tools explained in this book or extremely helpful for people to get past trauma previously inflicted on them. The great thing about this book is she gives a very accurate and complete picture without losing the reader in unnecessary content. I can honestly say reading this book has improved my life and my relationship with my family. N

Gregory Q.

The common thread that runs trough this book runs through all of us, we can’t be free to live our bust life without forgiveness. Forgiving now, is for me to see the other one through a lens of empathy, and freeing me from what they never meant to become. It is liberating and it is freedom!!! Thank you! T

MIchelle C.

This book changed the way I look at life and now live life. I realized how much the unwillingness to forgive affects every aspect of our lives. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on forgiveness, I’ve read so many articles, and in this book I finally found answers that nobody before could give me. The book gives you a road map, a blue print to forgiveness and opens your eyes to an understanding that I can’t put into words. What I love about this book is that it’s an easy read! The author wrote it in a way that you can follow easily and she kept it concise! This book is truly a gem that will change your life to the better. This book has the keys to get you out of your “prison cell.” Liberate yourself. T


The author does a beautiful job telling her vulnerable story about the hardships she endured through her childhood and into adulthood - and then sharing the process she went through to find healing and peace. This process is for anyone finding it difficult to forgive someone - big or small. She helps by providing an effective model for introspection that leads to better understanding, healing and a way to move forward with power in your life, regardless of how you've been hurt and betrayed even by those closest to you. For anyone struggling to find forgiveness, I urge you to read this book! A

Cara L.

Natalie does a beautiful job spelling out the steps to forgiveness and ultimately finding peace. She does this by sharing her own journey from abuse and trauma to forgiveness. Her vulnerability and openness make her story so relatable. I saw myself in so many of her experiences and now have a renewed desire to begin my own journey to forgiveness. N

Stacy R.

This book has given me a simple process to help overcome emotional pain from my past. Every person out there dealing with issues from their past NEEDS this book! Cannot recommend it enough!! T


What a book!! Such a great book that has really helped me in forgiving others and also myself!! Get this book!! W

Scott W.

A heart wrenching but necessary narrative on how we need to approach forgiveness. A

Amy S.

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Do you want happiness? Are you tired of living a life where you feel stuck? Do you battle depression because life is constantly bringing you down? Do you feel that emotions control your destiny? Are difficult circumstances and events that cross your daily path stifling your dreams and dictating your future? Forgiving Unforgivable is the most impactful book to gain freedom, feel empowered, and step into your purpose. It will empower you to stop the emotions of the past prevent you from living your dreams, your future, and your purpose.


Chapter 1

There I was, getting ready to take the largest stage as the Keynote Speaker for The Spring of Tampa Bay.

The Spring of Tampa Bay is a local domestic violence shelter, and that day was their fundraising luncheon so they could continue assisting victims in our area to escape their abusers. As the sound and audio guys were attaching my microphone to the lapel of my jacket, I became slightly nervous. This was not because I was an inexperienced speaker as I had performed many speeches up until that time. It was because I was going to expose him–my father. Expose him for abusing my mother and all four of his children. And I was going to do this on a public stage in front of five hundred people. I had written my speech four times before I felt comfortable with the final version. Although my gut

created uncertainty about whether I wanted to broadcast the truth to my audience, I wanted to ignore that message. Even my good friend, Lissette Campos, who was one of my biggest advocates and had dome many domestic violence awareness campaigns with our local ABC action news station, asked me if I was sure that I wanted to reveal this family secret that day. She was a great journalist. But this time, I didn’t want to take her advice. My goal was to bring to light the lifetime effects and havoc of domestic abuse. And I truly wanted to use this stage for that purpose. My mind was made up and I wasn’t ready to go back on my decision. I told her “It was time” and given the most recent incident where my mother showed up at our doorsteps because my father took all her clothes onto the front lawn and threatened to burn them, the time was now.

I was minutes away from walking up the stairs to the stage. And exactly at that moment, one of my dearest friends handed me his phone and said, “Nat, Cory needs to speak to you.” I stepped away slightly from the stage and said “Hello? I’m about to take the stage.” My husband stated with a cracked voice, “Your dad is gone.” I couldn’t believe what I heard. Shock and disbelief set in, and the next thing I remember was standing on the carpet to the right of the stage, trembling, while several people surrounding me were trying to help me. I remember crying, “NO! NO! NO!” My entire body was shaking, and I couldn’t stand, much less walk. I never took the stage that day.

The morning of my Keynote speech, my mother called my husband, Cory, and asked him to drive to my childhood home to check on my dad.

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Forgiving Unforgivable can help you find freedom to live your life you have been wanting to live. Natalie developed four essential secrets to overcome the past and find forgiveness. Her life's journey has allowed her to find her purpose. If you want to find freedom so you too can find your purpose, this book is for you.



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